Air duct Production

Ducts play a key role in ensuring efficient air circulation in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They are an integral part of building construction and renovation, providing fresh air and a comfortable atmosphere indoors.
There is a wide range of ducts available, each serving various functional purposes. From round to rectangular, made of galvanized steel, they are characterized by ease of production and installation, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, as well as low aerodynamic resistance.
This type of ducts is widely used in all types of facilities – from residential homes to industrial plants and sports facilities. They effectively provide intensive air exchange over large areas, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for living and working.


ჰაერსატარი ოთკუთხედი
Rectangular ducts
სპ.მრგვალი მილი
Round ducts
მუხლი მრგვალი
Round bend
მუხლი ოთკუთხედი
Rectangular bend
სამკაპი ოთკუთხედი
Rectangular tee
ჰაერსატარი არხების წარმოება
Rectangular duck S
გადამყვანი ოთკუთხედი
Rectangular transition
გადამყვანი ოთკუთხედიდა მრგვალზე
Transition from rectangular to round
ოთკუთხედი მაყუჩი
Flat silencer
ჰაერსატარი არხების წარმოება
Round tee
ხუფი მრგვალი
ხუფი ოთკუთხედი
Rectangular plug

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